Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Bears Visits Santas

Boys and Girls wents for a rides in the little pickups trucks todays. We wents to sees a places with lots of stuffs for sales. Bears thoughts the honeys roasted cashews woulds be nices, but Boys saids nos. But thens we saws a nices mans and womans who wanteds theirs pictures takens with Kumas. Bears saids okays evens thoughs they firsts thoughts Kumas was a puppys.

Kuma With the Kringles

They asks if Kumas was a Goods Bears, and Kumas said yeses, Kumas is always a goods bears. They asks whats Bears wanteds for Christmases. Kumas saids, "Fishes! Alls the Fishes Bears coulds evers eats!" They saids they'ds sees whats theys could dos.

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