Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Traveling Bears

Boys and Girls are travelings and Kumas comes alongs to tells thems whats to dos. Theys is goings to Tonopahs, wheres Girls hads to stays once waitings for her pickups trucks to be fixed. Bears doesn't knows whys they goes heres, but it's okays. We wents and hads a yummys fishes dinners. Thens Bears founds something nices.

Kuma on the Kushions

The hotels wheres we ates hads a verys comfys chairs that was just Kumas size. Bears asked Boys to gets it for Bears, but Boys saids theys weren't selling its. Too bads!

Diamond Jim Suite

Our hotels rooms is very bigs! Bears sats at the bars insides the room and ordered a roots beers, but they didn't haves anys.

Boys and Girls says that we're goings to goes looks at stuffs tomorrows. Bears bets theres no fishes heres, thoughs.

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