Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Airplane Bear

Girls and Boys tooks Bears tos ans airplanes museums todays.

Air Bear

Kumas firsts stops and askes this pilots hows the airplanes works. Hes was busys readings somethings and couldn'ts helps Bears too muches.

Hill Aerospace Museum

Theres was lots of airplanes heres!

Buckle Up!

Afters walkings arounds all days, Bears founds nices chairs to sits ins. Mosts of the the stuffs saids nots to sits on thems, but this ones was okays. Boys tolds Bears this was a flyings chairs. Girls saids nots to pulls ons the reds handles. Kumas was a Good Bears and dids whats Girls saids. A nices mans tolds us abouts hows they used to give bears scary airplanes rides in seats likes this. Kumas does nots wants to dos this.

Bears saws nos fishes heres.

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