Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear


Bear attended the historic 1000th meeting of basfa this evening.

While everyone else talked of conventions and puns, Bear dug in to his nice bag of goldfish he got from Ba Bear and kshandra this afternoon.

Here, fishy, fishy!

When asked, Lisa explained that Bear was about 19 years old, and his birthday is in early June. BASFA's Treasurer put him up in the Birthday Auction, for which the winning bid (from Chris Garcia) was $4. Bear complained to Lisa that he wasn't so cheap as they seemed to think he was. Just for that Kuma introduced as a nomination for BASFA's Rumor of the Week Millennium that "Kuma Bear has been ghostwriting for Chris Garcia." Unfortunately, that didn't get the nod from BASFA.

After BASFA, it was time to head back to the room and watch poker and have more fish.
Tags: basfa, silicon
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