Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

The Bear Went Up to the Mountain

Kumas heards that bears are supposed to goes to tops of mountains. Sos Bears did sos!

PikesPeakCogRR (54)

Boys and Girls tooks Bears up Pike's Peaks on funny trains. Bears hads to rides in Girl's laps, as theres was nos seats for Bears. This musts haves beens a mistakes.


Bears hads importants jobs to holds tickets. The Conductors saids she likes how Bears holds tickets.


Peoples kepts sayings, "Pike's Peaks or Busts." Bears did not busts. But bags of chips that Boys bougths at bottoms of mountains looks likes it's abouts to!


Whens wes gots backs downts the mountains, Bears sats in this gears. Boys says this is gears that makes trains gos ups the mountains. Bears thinks this gears woulds be nices for steampunks conventions, but Boys says Bears hads to leaves it wheres it is.

Girls then droves us to Bears Restaurants and feds Kumas fishes. Bears went to sleeps and doesn'ts remembers muchs afters thats.
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