Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Kuma’s Rail Odyssey

Kuma Bear is traveling with Kevin and Lisa to this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They're going the long way, from Salem OR to Emeryville CA to Chicago IL to Schenectady NY to Montreal QC, and they're doing the whole trip by rail.

The morning of July 29 finds Kuma supervising final packing preparations.

An early arrival at the Salem train station plus a train delayed for track issues means a long wait. Kuma waits with more patience than Kevin for the train.

Once on board, Kuma checked out the accommodations and decided that they would be adequate.

Kevin holds Kuma up so he can get a better view out the window.

It's a long trip ahead for Kuma Bear.
Tags: anticipation, train, worldcon
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