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Traveling Bears

Bears wents with Boys and Girls todays to sees Mr. Goddards.

Roswell (03)
Bears knows Mr. Goddards makes rockets. Bears wants to helps Mr. Goddards with his rockets.

Roswell (04)
Heys! Whats this buttons dos?

Roswell (05)
Oops! Bears hears louds noises and decides to Gos Aways.

Afters helping Mr. Goddards, Bears meets new friends.

Roswell (08)
The nices peoples next doors to rockets shows Bears to their friends.

Roswell (09)
His names is Bobs. He does nots talks much, but he's friendlies.

After that, Bears was very boreds all days ridings pasts same old place overs and overs agains withs No Fishes at alls.

Bears is stills lookings forwards to sees friends ats Worldcons. Best Fishes to alls!
Tags: roswell, worldcon
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