Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Bear On the Go

This morings ws wents tos mehamas sos girls coulds dos mores packings.
Laters wents tos salems tos gets mores boxes.

(Tells girls many times boxes is nots bests fors keepings fishs)

Girls hads to drives lots ins salems tos
gets alls (somes )thes things shes wanteds. Backs to Mehamas, mores packings.
After girls fells twices, " Bears Puts Paws Downs."
Back to Sublimitys fors rests ands lunchs.
Laters wills goes backs ands lets hers dos somes mores.
Girls seams happys withs hows things is goings.
Tags: movings, packings
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