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Nos Batterys

Girls wents this morings tos thes Hardwares stores fors batteries fors trailers. Thes trailers needs 2s ofs thems.
Shes hads alreadys gottens ones. Sads girls gots there ands somes hads justs boughts thes lasts ones. Grrrrrs
Wes wents tos Staytons tos gets mores moneys ands sees if theres was batteies theres.
Grrrrrrr nos batteries likes shes wanteds. Wes wents backs tos mehamas. Girls mades lots ofs phones calls.
Founds ones places ins salems withs ( ones ) batteries. Wes wents tos towns ands gots its.
Yea! I's hads tos stays insides whiles lisas puts thes batteies in.
Girls tos looks fors thes ties downs things..... shes coulds nots finds thems.
Poors girls.. Shes mades quicks walks tos Hardwares stores.
Justs ins times as its was closeings. shes cames backs withs somes ties things.
Jobs dones.
Tags: movings, van
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