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Vans Fixes

Mys poors girls wents outsides this morrings tos puts things ins vans. OH no!
Shes founds parts thats didn't gets puts backs ins vans.
Shes spent lots ofs tos days workings ons vans somes mores.
Lates shes gots its alls runnings.
Wes wents fors rides tos thes smalls stores wes sometimes walks tos.
Guess girls wanteds tos bes ables tos walks homes justs ins chases.
Bears was whishings reals hards thats alls woulds bes goods.
Beens longs times sinces Bears rides ins bigs Vans.

Girls has beens nots ables tos dos muchs elses as shes verys tireds.
Tags: mehama, movings, van
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