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Nots Vans Faults ors Girls

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr somes parts ons thes vans nots works.
Girls tells thes fixs its mans to fixs is its. Hes tells girls
theys don't makes thes parts. Girls goes gets parts. Mans says
"thats nots thes parts". Ok says girls. Loooks reals hards ands
finds parts Mans says its need. Wes goes gets parts.

"Aggggggs" says girls "will haves to rewires everys things"

Girl looks aging . Nos !! its dids nots needs Fancys parts.
It onlys needs the parts shes hads gottens ins thes firsts places.

Whys don't thes cars fixes peoples litstens tos girls?

Shes spent rest ofs days outs sides workings, dos nots thinks shes hads funs.

Shes did tells mes thoughs thats the first thing was alls dones.

This is goods buts shes says somes mores diifrents stuffs has tos bes dones.

Beings goods bears ands waitings.
Tags: repairs, vans
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