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Trains ands Boys

Bears hads reallys nices days to days ats thes
Nevadas States Railroads Museums ins Carsons Citys.
Bears saws lots of trains, rides on lots ands hads
pictures tooks lots. Hopes soons Kevins cans shows somes ofs thems.
Bears mets lots ofs peoples ands theys was alls verys impresseds
withs Bears ands alls thes places bears haves beens.
Mores soons. Ams looking outs thes windows ofs the hotels weres
as conventions is goings tos bes.
Theres lots tos sees (notes haves nots sean manys fishs)

Mys girls is always mothers bears mes, wants hers to knows hows muchs
Kumas Bears thinks ofs hers.

Laters hopes tos takes mys girls outs fors dinners.
Goings tos asks Kevins to helps mes.

Bests Fishes tos alls Mothers Bears alls overs.
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