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Not Walk

Thes nighst girls hurts her foots was longs. Wes was ats hers fathers,
whens shes founds hers hurts was muchs mores bads thans shes thoughs.
Tos goes homes shes nots onlys hads to carrys mes, buts she hads tos uses
thes walkers alls thes ways across thes fields homes. Was verys longs trips.
Evens laters its was muchs worse hurts. Poors girls .
Nexts days was somes betters. Buys lates todays was sos thats shes coulds
gets abouts somes. Looks likes ins as fews days wills bes oks.
Bears thanks alls fors theres nices thoughts.
Ams wishings ons The Golden Salmon fors goods things fors mys girls.
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