Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Transit Bear Visits Los Angeles

Here we are back with photos from Kuma Bear's day in Los Angeles after coming off the Southwest Chief on August 15. Today Transit Bear rode the Red, Blue, and Gold lines of the Los Angeles transit system, but we only got pictures on board the Gold Line.

Kevin wanted to visit where next year's Westercon will be held, so we rode up to Pasadena on the Gold Line. Here Kevin holds Kuma for a picture taken from right outside the Pasadena Hilton. Notice the name of the building across the street from the hotel? Kevin says, "No relation."

On board a Gold Line light rail train returning from Pasadena to LA Union Station, Kuma says, "Thanks for holding me, Kevin, but there are lots of seats; I want a seat of my own." Kevin obliged.

"Why am I sitting on a box of sand?" asks Kuma.

(The light rail cars carry sand to improve traction in wet weather. The sand is stored in boxes at the end of each car that double as seats.)

Returning to the hotel after a short trip on the Red Line subway, Kevin and Lisa bought dinner from Famima, which seemed familiar after the trip to Japan in 2007.

"They say there's some fish inside of this rice ball," says Kuma, "but how do I get it open?"

After a whirlwind tour of a couple of bits of Los Angeles -- there are no pictures of the trip to Little Tokyo -- Kuma settled in to dreams of fish and trains.
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