Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Through The Southwest

After going to bed after Kansas City, Bear awoke as the train passed through New Mexico.

Bear didn't get off the train during the short stop at Lamy. That's okay, though; he came here once before by train, on the Santa Fe Southern.

At Albuquerque, the train has a one-hour servicing stop and there are trackside vendors selling Native American crafts. To cheer Kuma up after the Goldfish Incident, Lisa bought Kuma this new carry-all bag.

After leaving Albuquerque, the train turns to the west and there are spectacular views of the mesas.

The weather can suddenly turn very nasty in the desert. Kuma was happy to be safe, warm, and dry inside of his Superliner bedroom when this vicious-looking storm blew up near the train.

After sleeping snugly across Arizona and through California's mountains, Kuma arrived at Los Angeles an hour early, 38 hours after leaving Chicago. This sign shows that it's the end of the line. While this particular trip may have ended, it's not the end of Kuma's travels, not by a long shot.
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