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New Year,Same Bear

Kevins ands Lisas, finallys serveds mys Christmas Salmons.

This littles cans has Salmons ins its????

This smells ofs salmons, buts looks likes puttys

Kevins poured Bears little bit of this stuff. It look like wines, but they said Bears can drink it, even though Bears don't turn 21 until later. Bears prefer honeys, not grape juice.

Bears told Kevins that eating putty is silly. "It's paté, not putty, you silly Bear," Kevins said. I don't know what that means.

I told Kevins and Lisas they could have most of the salmon putty.

Wells Kevins ands Lisas seameds tos enjoys its.

Hopes Everys Ones wills haves Nices News Years.
Tags: new year, salmon
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