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Busy Day for Bears

Kuma Bears did lots of travelings today. It's not so much fun when Kevins rides with us, because Kumas have to sit in the middle instead of his car seat and it's hard to see out.

Later, Bears stopped to see the train station that Bears and Lisa have looked at many times on the computers.

Here's Bears sitting with Kevins. No trains came by. No fishes either.

Does not Bears look very good in the sunshine?

Later, Bear arrived at something Kevins and Lisas call "SorcerorsCon" or something like that. Lisas got me a badge with my name on it. If anyone sees Kumas at the convention, you're invited to tell him how good he looks.

Kumas went to dinners with Lisa and Kevins, and Kevins kindly offered Bears something called "calamari." Bear looked at it very carefully, but didn't see the "tenacles" that Kevins talked about. Lisa says we'll go back and next time Kevins will order the salmons. Bears do not know why Salmon is not always Kevin's first choice!

On the way home, Lisas showed Bears bouncing big balls in a big glass box, whizzing and spinning all over the place. It was much funs to watch.

We went back to the hotel and then went to parties, where many people told Bears how good he looked. Bears thinks these are very smart peoples. But Lisas and Kevins were tired peoples, so we went back to the hotel room early.

Just before bedtimes, Bears had to remind Lisas to brush her teeth. Lisas was very cross with my sensible suggestion that if she would just eat the fishes with the bones, it would help keep her teeth nice and clean and sharp. Lisas does not make sense sometimes.
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