Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Westercon Last Night

While Kuma Bear is still a bit disappointed about not winning
his Tonopah Westercon bid, there were many people who
stopped and congratulated him on doing such a good job
of bidding. Many of them asked, "When are you going
to do it again?"

(For some reason, Kevins made funny noises and
had grumpy looks every time someone asked that
question. He's been working really hard; maybe his
back is sore like poor Lisas is.)

Although Kuma Bear is touched and pleased, he knows
he can only ask for Lisas and Kevins helps so much.
As they are undoubtedly going to be busy for a while,
Kuma Bear will bide his times and plan strategy.

Don't worry, Kuma Bear will be back!
Tags: tonopah westercon bid
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