Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

The End of a Long Road

While Kuma Bear was assisting and supervising Match
Game SF
, the results of the Westercon election
were announced. Perhaps Kevin has already said this,
but it seems that Seattle got 54 votes and Tonopah
got 31. grr

While Kuma Bear is very sad about not winning, we
are still very proud that we appear to have had a
respectable showing, and we want to thank everyone
who supported us and voted for Tonopah.

Kevin showed Kuma Bears this story that
said very nice things about the Tonopah bid. Best
Fishes to Mister Glyer for his kind words.

As of now, we have no immediate plans of launching
any other bids. Don't count Kuma Bears out, though,
as he will keep looking for good places to hold

(Kumas Bears knows that it was a mistake to bid
for some place that doesn't have fish.)
Tags: tonopah westercon bid
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