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Tonopah Westercon Update T-shirts

Kuma Bears is most happy to announce that Tonopah T-shirts are
now available. We have (2 L),(4 XL),(3 2XL) & (1 3XL), plus
the ones Kevins has with him.

Please show your support for Tonopah. A T-shirt is a swell way to do so.

It has come to the attention of the chair that some are not
taking our bid very seriously. Well perhaps our bid is a bit
small. It's true we are bidding an odd site. But this chair
takes this bid very serious. What Kuma Bears is made of
should not be of any importance. If the bid wins, the committee
will elect a con chair. Wither or not Kuma Bear will actually chair
the convention is of no relevance now.
Who ever you do vote for have a good time at Westercon in Pasadena.

Remember what Kuma Bear says:
"If you can't think of any place better vote TONOPAH"
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