Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Get Your Tonopah Westercon Bid Shirt

Kuma Bear would like to remind everyone that Westercon 63 is coming up very soon.
You can't do Westercon right without a t-shirt for the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon Bid.

To become a Friend of the Bid and order your Tonopah T-Shirt, send $50 to our bid:

Tonopah in 2012
c/o Tsuki Systems LLC
PO Box 100
Mehama OR 97384-0100

...and be sure to specify your t-shirt size. Shirts are black with the bid image as shown in the photo above. Make checks payable to the bid's treasurer, Kevin Standlee. If you want to pay online, write to him through his LJ account, kevin_standlee. You can either send him a private message in LJ or use his LJ handle @livejournal.com.

We can either mail your t-shirt to you, or you can pick it up at our bid table at Westercon 63 in Pasadena. Let us know what you would prefer.

Remember, if you can't think of anyplace better, Vote Tonopah!
Tags: westercon
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