Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Here, Fishy, Fishy

Not all of Kuma Bear's adventures were at the convention this past week. Some were in the hotel.

This is one corner of the large fish pond on the second floor of the Holiday Inn Select where Kuma Bear was staying during Anticipation.

Bear sits on the side of the pond and contemplates how to get at the lovely little fishes. One of the fish kept trying to jump out of the water, but poor Kuma's paws are so short that he couldn't catch it.

There is a walkway right out over the pond. Kuma Bear perches precariously trying to get a better look at the large fishes. Careful, there, Kuma! You've already had this summer's bath. Don't fall in!
Tags: fish, montreal
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