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Unhappy Bear

Saturday, inside for the day Bear---
My poor girl had another one of those nights. Grrrrrr.
Kuma Bear is most unhappys with the way that ear bothers
girl. While Kumas Bears can sleep most any time it is
still odd to finally get to sleep around 9:30 in the morning.
Girl gad tried many times to go to sleep but that darn old ear
kept her from sleeping. Grrrrrrr. Later when she woke
(many times she woke up grrrr) and stayed up she went out
to do lawn mowing. Being a good girl she turned on the radio
so Kumas Beaar could listen to the Mariners. Grrrrrrrrr!
There was a lot of noise and Kumas Bear could not hear all
of the Game. Kumas Bears still doesn't know who won. Grrrr.
Tags: ear, mariners
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