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Did Not Want to Spend the Day Inside

Kuma Bear spent most of the day inside, but Lisa was nice and found me a sports-talk radio station to listen to. Grrrr! But no Mariners game on this station today.

After Kevin and Lisas came back for Second Breakfast -- Kuma Bear does not understand what was so good about Second Breakfast, because there was no fish -- Lisas later took me outside to see what they had been working at.

I offered to try and saw with the big bow saw. Kevin said, "No! That saw is far too big for such a little bear! Besides, it's dangerous out here -- you shouldn't be outside while we're cutting down trees and setting things on fire like we've been doing this weekend."

Discouraged, Kuma Bear went back inside and listened to the radio and patiently waited for his people to come home.

Kevin and Lisas seemed strange after they came home -- they limped around and complained about being stiff and sore. Maybe they should have let Kuma Bears help.
Tags: yard work
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