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Video Show

Wednesday was a very busy day for Kuma Bear. Up extra early,
5:00 am is extra early to get up, not necessarily to go to bed.
Any way it was off to Portland for the Cascade Mountain Video Show.

Kuma Bear had a great time looking at the latest in professional
Video Equipment, Cameras, Lights, and accessories.
Kuma Bear was often asked what job he had with Tsuki Systems.
They were all impressed with his travels and experiences.
This is a first rate show as they even provide a complementary lunch.
Kuma Bear guesses this is ok, but they do not serve fish.
Taking advantage of show prices Kuma Bear bought this equipment box.

Kuma Bear hopes Kevin & Lisa will help in carrying the box as it is
a bit large for even such a stout-hearted bear.
This will be used by Tsuki Systems for equipment and material for
Match Game. Of course Kuma Bear looks forward to Norwescon and
meeting his many friends and admirers.
Tags: tsuki systems, video show
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