Kuma Bear (travelswithkuma) wrote,
Kuma Bear

Lake Shore Limited

Bear spent Monday night and the first half of Tuesday on board the Lake Shore Limited train from Chicago, getting off at Schenectady NY.

Kuma sits down in one of the seats of his Viewliner roomette.

Bear watches the scenery from a precarious perch in the window of his Viewliner roomette.

"Anybody have any goldfish crackers? We could play checkers with them and eat the pieces afterwards."

Bear must not have read the sign before getting on to the game board.

"Oh, you mean me?"

Bear thinks Kevin will never find him if he hides in the sleeper's upper bunk.

"Maybe I should have read this first."

Kevin lays down the law to Kuma Bear after chasing him all over the compartment. It's not obvious in this shot, but Kuma really does have a good view out the window here, and is far less likely to go walkabout here perched atop Kevin's briefcase.

Kuma will next check in from Worldcon. Kuma looks forward to seeing all of his friends at Anticipation.
Tags: anticipation09, trains
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