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Christmas Cheer

Kuma Bear had the most wonderful Christmas.

Kuma Bear looks over the little tree and the little train as it goes around and around and around.

Here Kuma Bear is looking at one of his presents.
"Gee, this package is bigger then me"

"Why, this bear is much smaller than me".
Now Kuma Bear has his own place to keep all his most wonderful pictures.
What pictures? Why pictures of Kuma Bears of course.

Here is Kuma Bear with his new non-skid bear paw socks.

Kevin tells Bear that he shopped all over to find such nice socks.

Kuma Bear thanks Kevins: they make Kuma Bear look most good.

Kuma Bear, Lisas, and Kevins send their best wishes, fishes, and happiness to all.
Tags: bears, christmas, socks, usb
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