July 4th, 2017

Baseball Bear

Westercon Bears, Continueds

Peoples askeds Bears tos tells thems abouts the Arts Shows at Westercons and says whats Bears thoghts of the pictures.

Enter, Led by a Bear

Bears saws many prettys pictures. Somes of thems hads fishses ins them. Others had reallys impressives bears ins thems. Manys pictures justs confuseds Kumsa, but Bears was happys for alls the attentions.

Bear Meets Camel

Kumas wents to parties and gots to meets lots of new peoples and also cameles.

Laters, Bears was tolds he was goings to bes a Guests of Honors at a conventions. Bears does nots knows whats this means, buts it's always goods to honors Bears.

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Bid Bear

Bears Heads for Homes

Todays Kumas lefts Tempes to heads homes.

Kuma Koffee

At breakfasts, Boys and Girls offered Kumas "koffees." Koffees smells funnies. Kumas seemed very bouncies afters having somes koffees.

Arizona High Desert

It was verys hots ridings in the cars todays. Bears looks outs windows and sees no trees excepts these scratchys bushes, no fishes, ands no other bears. It dids nots looks likes funs.

Its nots so hots wheres we stops tonights. Girls says Bears needs to sleeps ins tomorrows because of drinkings koffees for breakfasts. Bears likes sleepings.

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