November 20th, 2009

Baseball Bear

The Dawn

It will be dawn soon. Lisas are still awake.
Kuma Bear says up with lisas to give her comfort.
It's a hard job for such a small bear, but
Kuma Bear is strong for someone his size.
Perhaps in awhile she will be able to get some
rest. Kuma Bear hopes so.
Kuma Bear is tring to decide if he wants a
black cape with a red lining.
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Baseball Bear

The Night Has Come

Kuma Bear is a very sad bear. Bears worry so.
Poor lisas ear bothers her so much, she cries.
Little bears can not do much to help.
Kuma wishes he could make more noise.
Early today lisas ear was so bad all she could do
was turn on every thing that will make noise,
the fan in the bath , the radio, the fan in the kitchen
also the vacuum cleaner.
Even with all this noise, she still hears that noise in
her ear. She cries.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at bad sound in her hear.
She slept for awhile but did not get much rest.
Kuma Bear love lisas and give her lots of hug.
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